Race Report: Oulton Park, 15 May 1971

In an instance of amazing stupidity no less than 3 championship races were scheduled over a two day period, a Lombank round here at Oulton on the Saturday and a Shell Sport round at Zandvoort together with a Forward Trust round at Silverstone on the Sunday. It was hardly surprising at least one circuit would suffer and Oulton Park was the one with just three cars arriving. Embarrassingly three became two when John Bisignano’s March-Holbay 713M couldn’t produce enough fuel pressure to start. To add insult to injury the two remaining cars were put at the back of the Sports Car grid. Chris O’Brien “led” the race with his Brabham BT35 until the throttle cable snapped handing a very dubious victory to Sonny Eade in his Brabham-Scholar BT28.



Race Report: Oulton Park, 15 May 1971


1 Sonny Eade

Brabham-Scholar BT28 | 18:20.0 | 9 81.32

Fastest Lap

Chris O'Brien

Brabham-Holbay BT35 | 1:57.2 | 84.81