Race Report: Nogaro, 8 August 1971

The XII Grand Prix de Nogaro was the first race in Europe for engines fitted with the larger 21.5mm air restrictor but it made no difference to the status quo. The two 15-lap heats and the 40 lap final saw another triumph for the Alpine-Renaults of Jabouille and Depailler. This time it was Jabouille’s turn to taste victory, he beat teammate Depailler by 4.4 seconds with François Migault (Martini-Novamotor) a further 7.0 seconds down the road in third. From the start the Alpines led with only Patrice Compain (Martini-Novamotor) able to stay with them until he had to retire on lap 15 with a puncture. Depailler sat close to Jabouille until a grassy moment on lap 27 caused him to fall away, his air intake partially blocked with some of the French countryside. Behind Migault were Jacques Coulon in another Martini-Novamotor and Italian visitor Vittorio Brambilla with his Birel-Alfa Romeo until the Wainer tuned Alfa engine let Brambilla down.



Race Report: Nogaro, 8 August 1971

Race Heat 1

1 Patrick Depailler

Alpine-Renault A360 15

2 Patrice Compain

Martini-Novamotor MW7

3 François Migault

Martini-Novamotor MW7

4 Jacques Coulon

Martini-Novamotor MW7

5 Marcel Morel

Martini-Renault MW7

6 Jean-Louis Lafosse

Brabham-Holbay BT35

7 Lucien Guitteny

Martini-BRM MW7

8 Philippe Albera

Martini-Novamotor MW7

9 Patrick Perrier

Martini-Novamotor MW7

10 Luigi Battistello

Brabham-Ford BT28

Fastest Lap

Roger Williamson

March-Holbay 713M 49.6 90.00

Race Heat 2

1 Jean-Pierre Jabouille

Alpine-Renault A360 13:25.8 15

2 Pierre-François Rousselot

Brabham-Holbay BT35 13:33.8

3 José Dolhem

Martini-BRM MW7 13:34.2

4 Vittorio Brambilla

Birel-Alfa Romeo

5 François Rabbione

Martini-Novamotor MW7

6 François Lacarrau

Martini-Renault MW7

7 Joël Auvray

Martini-Novamotor MW7

8 Max Bonnin

Brabham-Novamotor BT28

9 Terrance Peterson

Chevron-Ford B17

10 Gérard Gourdon


11 Christian Ethuin

Tecno-Renault 71


1 Jean-Pierre Jabouille

Alpine-Renault A360 35:34.0 40

2 Patrick Depailler

Alpine-Renault A360 35:38.4 40

3 François Migault

Martini-Novamotor MW7 35:45.6 40

4 Jacques Coulon

Martini-Novamotor MW7 35:46.4 40

5 Pierre-François Rousselot

Tecno-Renault 71Brabham-Holbay BT35 36:03.3 40

6 José Dolhem

Martini-BRM MW7 36:08.9 40

7 Jean-Louis Lafosse

Brabham-Holbay BT35 36:13.3 40

8 Lucien Guitteny

Martini-BRM MW7 39

9 François Lacarrau

Martini-Renault MW7 39

10 Joël Auvray

Martini-Novamotor MW7 39