Bob Berridge and the Vision at its announcement.


Vision was started in 1983 by Paul Gibson in Middlesborough to build Clubman cars, almost immediately Vision started winning and they won the Clubman’s championship in both 1985 and 1986. At the end of 1986 Gibson decided to go F3 racing but it was 1988 before the car was actually built. The very disappointing results achieved meant that in July 1989 Vision went into Receivership and the whole project was sold off and Vision left the world of F3.


The work of Dave Amey who had worked at the Arrows and Spirit F1 teams the VF3-T88A was designed around a carbonfibre/aluminium honeycomb tub. Suspension was pushrod all round and a TOM’s Toyota engine was fitted. The car was never competitive and many felt it had been over engineered for F3 as it was also designed with F3000 in mind. During the year both Tommy “Slim” Borgudd and Roland Ratzenburger tested the car but it seems they could make it go no better than regular pilot Bob Berridge.
A modified VF3-T89A was built and tested the following year but never raced and the whole project was sold off to be used by someone in Sprinting.

1988 Bob Berridge, Paul Gibson.

Tthe Vision undergoing early season testing.
Paul Gibson in the Vision at the end of the season, all of the rear bodywork has been removed.