Conny Ljungfeldt's Viking on the streets of Monaco.


A very interesting entry into the world of F3 racing was the Viking, the car design principals were laid out by team owner Tore John Helle, drawn up by Len Terry and initially built by CTG in Devon whilst the sponsors were Swedish. The, for the time, very advanced aerodynamic design, came from Tore John Helle, working with SAAB Aerodynamicists in Sweden and resulted in a very distinctive and dramatic looking car. Following on from some quality issues in the early builds the entire programme was moved from CTG to Sweden. The Viking used several advanced technologies such as radio live transmitted, dynamic measurements and was one of the first F3 designs to use appreciate the importance of aerodynamic development. Unfortunately just as the cars were showing promise team owner Tore John Helle ran into financial problems and the team were disbanded although Tore John Helle allowed Ljungfeldt to keep racing his car and he managed to keep it going for the remainder of the season by picking up sponsorship here and there. Len Terry rechristened one CTG-built car as a Technic and in 1977 it appeared just once and it was later tested as a CTG (see entries for these manufacturers).


Three TH1As were built for the 1976 season, they had a sheet aluminium monocoque, conventional suspension and were Toyota Novamotor powered. The nose design was unusual with a full width aerofoil and separate deflectors in front of the wheels. a large engine cover was used that swept sharply down to the rear where swept back endplate supports were used to attach the rear wing. Best results were wins for Ljungfeldt at Knutsdorp, Falkenberg and Kinnekulle and a heat win at Monaco. Ljungfeldt won the Swedish Championship.


1976 Tommy “Slim” Borgudd, Eje Elgh, Conny Ljungfeldt, Anders Olofsson.

This shot of the Viking emphasises its unusual lines, Ljungfeldt is the driver.