Jorg Obermoser made his money as a supplier of electrical industrial equipment and did some racing himself in saloon cars. In 1972 he became the GRD distributor for Germany and surrounding areas and when GRD designer Jo Marquart switched to Modus so to did Obermoser. The first car to be called a ToJ (ToJ SC02) was a GRD 2-litre sports car design followed by SC03 based on a 1974 Modus project. The bodywork for SC03 was designed by Achim Storz who would continue to carry out the same arrangement for single seaters. ToJ also built some F2 cars from 1976-78 but despite having Keke Rosberg on board the best results were a 4th and two 5ths. ToJ continued in parallel with Modus and kept on for a while after Modus collapsed but within a couple of years Obermoser gave up his dreams of being a constructor.


For 1975 standard Modus M1s were employed except that the had modified Storz bodywork fitted, initially described as Modus/ToJ as the season progressed they were increasingly thought of as ToJ.


The F301 was now a ToJ but sadly it wasn’t too competitive, it was certainly no match for the dominant March/Chevron/Ralt trio that made up most races and even as regards German constructors it was number two to Maco. However towards at the end of the season there was a second place finish at Hockenheim in a German F3 championship round, the field wasn’t very strong and there is some dispute as to the driver, some reports say it was Keke Rosberg others Heinz Lang.


For 1977 the F302 was introduced, it used the existing monocoque chassis plan with a conventional outboard suspension layout. Side radiators were fitted and at the front an unusual flat low nose with side wings was attached. During the season both Toyota and BMW engines were fitted and through a combination of good places and reliability Peter Scharmann took the German Championship. Best results were 2nd at the Nurburgring and a 3rd at Diepholz. Perhaps, all things considered, it was best to go out on a high note as this was the last year of ToJ in F3.

1975 Not given as the cars still appeared under the Modus name on German F3 entry lists.

1976 Heinz Lange, Keke Rosberg(?).

Peter Scharmann, Walter Spitaler.

Leopold von Bayern, Manfred Cassani.

Scharmann's ToJ 302 leading Carlsson's Ralt and Lammers in a Hawke.