James Weaver in the Tiga F381.


Tiga emerged from the ashes of MRE after the company was taken over by former Antipodean F1 drivers Tim Schenken and Howden Ganley, initially they concentrated on F Ford and 2-litre sports cars. In 1978 Team Tiga was set up to run a team of customer cars in F3 and from this the F3 Tiga was born in 1981. Tiga also built an F2 car in 1980 buy lack of money saw them return to sports cars and lesser single seater categories such as F Atlantic.


The F381 was a conventional Toyota powered car, it ran at the end of the season in weaver’s hands but clearly lacked development despite a 4th place finish at Snetterton. At the end of the year Tiga decided to drop the project.

1981  James Weaver.

The Tiga F381 had a slightly bulky air to it.