1947 saw the first Svebe see the light of day, a front wheel drive DKW 800cc powered device built by Sven Andersson and Bengt Peterson (father of Ronnie). In later years a series of 500cc cars were built primarily for sprints and hillclimbs. Ronnie Peterson had been going very well in karting and his father decided F3 was the next step, in an attempt to save money Peterson Snr. and Andersson built a number of F3 Svebes.


The Svebe was a direct Brabham copy that Peterson raced all over Sweden and Denmark in 1966. Results weren’t bad but the car eventually cost about twice what a Brabham would cost and faced with updating it at the end of the year the team bought a Brabham. Several other drivers also raced Svebes, most notably Freddie Kottulinsky, and like Peterson scored some reasonable places without ever being a consistent threat to the more favoured Brabhams.


1965 Egert Haglund.

1966 Sven Andersson, Egert Haglund, Freddie Kottulinsky, Ronnie Peterson.

1967 Tommy Andersson, Gustav Dieden, Freddie Kottulinsky, Sune Rillver, Hans Uhlin.

1968 Per-Owe Söderberg.

Ronnie Peterson in the Svebe.