Vittorio Stanguellini sitting in a 1961 F Junior Delfino.


Vittorio Stanguellini, a FIAT dealer in Modena, began racing before the war in 1100 cc Ballilas and following the end of the hostilities in 1946 he started to manufacture his own cars based on FIAT parts. Stanguellini also developed his own engines and his 750cc and 1100cc sports car won numerous races in Italian national championships. Following the introduction of F Junior in 1958 Stanguellini built a batch of cars which were immediately successful winning the Italian Championship in 1958. In 1959 Stanguellini dominated the new International Championship with Swiss driver Michel May taking title and newcomers (and future GP winners) Wolfgang von Trips and Lorenzo Bandini taking wins in their “Stangs”. The Stanguellini-built cars always had an excellent reputation for the quality of their cars and although they were eclipsed by the arrival of the F Junior Cooper they continued to build cars for several years.
Francesco Stanguellini testing the F3 Stang at the Aerautodromo di Modena in 1964.



Stanguellini built a Fiat-powered F3 car for the introduction of the formula in 1964, from appearances it was a neat, conventional spaceframe design with inboard front suspension. Unfortunately the Fiat engine was not competitive and this, coupled with a a lack of finance, meant that the car was never developed and it never progressed past the testing stage. This would be the last single-seater chassis to be built by Stanguellini.
It would seem therefore that the few Stangs that raced in F3 were converted F Junior models.
There were further rumours in 1970 of a new car to be raced the following year in the new 1600cc F3, interestingly it was said to be powered by a Ferrari Dino based engine but sadly it seems to have been just a rumour.


Gianfranco Stanga.

Gianfranco Stanga.

1966 Remigio Cianfriglia, Luciano Dal Ben.