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The Spider Mk3 in 2009 following a full restoration by designer Svenharry Åkesson.


The first Spider, the Mk1, was a F Junior chassis built by Svenharry Åkesson in 1959-60, it was fitted with a BMC engine and VW gearbox and raced by the designer himself. The Mk2 appeared in 1962 and was a development of the Mk1, in 1963 it was run as a F Junior but in 1964 it was converted to 1-litre F2 spec still with Svenharry Åkesson taking care of the driving duties. The Holbay-powered Spider Mk3 was a one-off Brabham clone, it was built in 1965 with Svenharry driving and in 1966 it was sold to Börje Björkqvist. The Mk3 was raced in both Scandanavia and Germany.


1965 Svenharry Åkesson.

1966 Börje Björkqvist.

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The Mk3 in 2009 showing the Holbay engine with its Weber carburettor and the Hewland Mk6 gearbox, Wheels are Brabham 8" and 6" fitted with Dunlop Tyres.