Sparton was founded by Norman Pierce and Paul Jackson in 1977 in Lingfield, Surrey and the company began producing cars for the F Ford 1600 and F Ford 2000 market. They soon gained a reputation for building well made competitive cars and as a result they entered F3 in 1983 but they only lasted for two years without any success to show for it.


For 1983 Sparton introduced the SE420 which was based on the company’s FF2000 car. It first appeared in the summer and by the end of the season it was starting to show reasonably well. A young Ayrton Senna tested it and was complimentary about its track behaviour.


Sparton lightly modified the SE420 for 1984 building a new car in the process, the most noticeable change was fitting revised bodywork. Entered by Valour Racing Paul Jackson did the first five races of the year without any success and then switched to a Ralt for the rest of the year. In 1985 one of the cars was entered in the B class for year old cars.


Mario Hytten, Paul Jackson, Jeff Ward.

Paul Jackson.


The SE420 at its announcement.
Sparton co-director Paul Jackson hurls the SE420 around the track.