66 - 1
The Skoda on display at a 1966 racing car show.


Czechoslovakia’s famous car company has had a long competition history usually based on rallying but they have also competed in sports car and single seater racing. First appearing in 1965, they had some success winning a race at Most and taking other top 6 placings. In 1966 they produced ten cars powered by their own 1000MB engine, the cars used a spaceframe chassis with inboard suspension. Unfortunately their engines were some 25bhp down on a good Cosworth Ford unit so they would always struggle against Western European opposition but they were reasonably competitive against their Eastern European brethren in the handful of German races they took part in.


1966 Vaclav Bobek Snr.

1966 Jaroslav Bobek, Vaclav Bobek Snr., Miroslav Fousek.

1967 Jaroslav Bobek, Miroslav Fousek.


1969 Jaroslav Bobek, Miroslav Fousek.