The very spindly looking Shannon Mk1.


The Shannon was the creation of Hugh Aiden-Jones and Paul Emery, of Emeryson (q.v.) fame, it began life as a F1 car fitted with a 3-litre version of the previously unraced 2.5 litre Coventry Climax FPE V8, it lasted for one lap of the 1966 British GP driven by Trevor Taylor. It was then converted to F3 spec, called the Mk1 and powered by an EMC-tuned engine it appeared only very rarely driven by Keith Jupp and Australian John Wilson. The Mk1 consisted of a very slim aluminium monocoque with conventional suspension, observers were convinced neither of the quality of workmanship nor of the rigidity of the tub.

1967 Keith Jupp.

1969 John Wilson.

1970 John Wilson.