Miguel Molons in the ST8.


The Selex company, based in Barcelona, built their first F3 car in 1969, the ST2, although it wasn’t raced until 1970 when it was driven by Salvador Cañellas. Selex continued to produce the occasional F3 chassis up until 1983 (although this last F3 car was called an Avidesa q.v.). However most of their cars were for the national Spanish series, SEAT Formula 1430 and the 1.8-litre Formula Nacional, eventually by the late 1980’s Selex had switched to the construction of specialist shock absorbers.


The ST2 was the Selex offering for 1970, from the picture it appeares to be a conventional, outboard suspended design. No results of any importance were achieved.


The ST8 monocoque was based on the design for a Formula Nacional car, it had conventional outboard suspension, a front radiator with a full-width nose although the picture on the left does indicate that the tub was very shallow indeed. Power as ever was supplied by a Toyota Novamotor. Since there was no Spanish F3 championship it lacked the stimulus to development that national racing might have provided. Also most of the Spanish F3 drivers at that time understandably preferred the more proven qualities of Ralt or March. Miguel Molons who seems to have been the only driver was the son of the patron, no results of any note were achieved.
The Selex ST2 waiting in the pits.
Another shot of Molons and his ST8.
The ST8 sans bodywork showing the very shallow monocoque.


It may be that the ST8 continued to race into 1979 but no good results were scored.


1970 Salvador Cañellas.

1978 Miguel Molons.

1979 Miguel Molons.