The Sana in Formula Atlantic specification.


The first Sana was a F Atlantic chassis that appeared in the Spring of 1976, it was designed by Gordon Fowell, designer of one of the 1973 Chris Amon-driven F1 Tecnos and like the Tecno it was built by John Thompson The new car was driven by Cyd Williams and it showed some promise with a 2nd place finish first time out. As a result of this success a F3 version was constructed, the F Atlantic versions continued to do well reasonably driven by Cyd Williams, Terry Perkins and Nick May. It was later raced in Libre races in the North of England as the Barton JTB3.


The F3 version of the F Atlantic car appeared only once, driven by Larry Perkins at the Monaco GP support race, it qualified on the last row of the grid and was retired by Perkins due apparently to its evil handling. Evidently Fowell had decided that his suspension design was correct and therefore didn’t fit any roll bar adjustment. The F3 design was the same as the F Atlantic car with its full width nose and pronounced wedge shape provided by the monocoque and bodywork. Power came from a Brown-Ford engine that wasn’t reckoned to be the most powerful around.

1976 Terry Perkins.