Ian Flux testing the Roni.


The Roni was a revamp of the Cygnus, the Cygnus (q.v.) appeared in July/August 1984, it was designed by two men from March, Nick Wasyliw and Rob Gustavsson and built by Paul Vincent in north London. Apparently it had been conceived long before its appearance but that hardy perennial, lack of money, saw its gestation delayed. Ian Flux did a couple of races in it without setting the world alight. For 1985 the Cygnus was converted to comply with the new flat-bottomed F3 regs and renamed the Roni.


The Roni was the Cygnus tub with new sidepods and a flat bottom, the suspension was revised to take account of these changes. As with the Cygnus Ian Flux did the driving in the couple of races in which it was entered. Sadly, as before, Flux reported the chassis was good but the engine wasn’t and a lack of finance saw the project grind to a halt.


1985 Ian Flux.

Ian Flux waiting to go out onto the track during testing.