Stephen South in the Ray at Thruxton 1975.


Bert Ray has been involved in motor racing for many years now and for several years made his living as a fabricator making parts for other manufacturers such as Palliser as well as specialising in repairing other peoples accidents. He built his first car, a F Ford, in 1973 that was raced by ex-kart star Stephen South and in 1976 they both moved into F3. Over the years Ray has built a number of F Ford chassis that have always been competitive and frequently have been race winners but they have never been successful enough to challenge the dominance of manufacturers like Van Diemen.


The 1975 Ray was designated either F375 or BR3 and was a monocoque design with a rear frame for the Toyota Novamotor. Suspension was double wishbone with outboard coils and dampers. The distinctive bodywork with its side radiators, high cockpit sides and full-width nose aerofoil certainly made it stand out although later in the season the nose design was changed (see above and left). Early results were promising with a 3rd at Aintree and a 5th at Brands Hatch but performance declined as the season progressed and although a F376 was announced for the following year Ray would not build another F3 car.


1975 Stephen South.

1976 Luis Mara de Almenara (F375)

Stephen South again showing a revised nose design at Crystal Palace 1975.