A mid-sixties F3 Rak looking rather Lotus-like.


Poland’s contribution to F3 racing, Rak (the Polish for crab) was the brainchild of four men Jerzy Jankowski who led the group and his three assistants Krzysztof Brun, Zbigniew Kulczynski and Jerzy Przybysz who had first built sports cars but then, in 1961, moved onto single seaters with a F Junior car. The team then switched to the new F3 producing a spaceframe car with double wishbones at the front and top link, lower wishbones and twin radius rods at the rear. The 1965 cars seemed to favour Wartburg power whilst the 1966 models used Skoda or Ford engines, in 1967 the cars were shown as “PZM” powered and for ’69 and ’70 it was either Ford or Wartburg power units. The cars ran quite well with a handful of reasonable places in German F3 races but their appearances were rare. Jerzy Jankowski had raced his own cars but a serious accident saw him retire in 1966, he also built the Promot (q.v.) F3 car.


1965 Longin Bielak, Josef Kielbania, S. Kolecki, Henryk Nowak, Antoni Weiner.

1966 Longin Bielak, Jerzy Jankowski, Josef Kielbania, Wladislaw Szulczewski.

1967 Ksawery Frank, Josef Kielbania, Zbigniew Sucharda, Antoni Weiner.


1969 Longin Bielak, Ksawery Frank, Josef Kielbania, Henryk Nowak, Zbigniew Sucharda.

1970 Longin Bielak, Jan Frank, Ksawery Frank, Josef Kielbania, Zbigniew Sucharda.