oliroy - Copy
oliroy - Copy


The Oliroy arose from the ashes of the 1979 Duqueine VG3 (q.v.). Seemingly driver Bernard Perroy fell out with the Duqueine brothers over financial matters and Perroy, together with fellow driver Denis Olivera, rebuilt the VG3 as the Oliroy (OLIveira + PerROY) C1-Toyota. The car used Martini bodywork and showed flashes of promise on a number of occasions with a best finish of second behind Alain Fert√©’s Martini MK27 at Le Mans Bugatti circuit in October 1980. A couple of other top 6 finishes resulted in Olivera taking 9th place in the 1980 French F3 Championship.

Thanks to Colin Painter for additional information.


1980 Denis Oliveira