Satoru Nakajima in the Nova 513.


Formed in 1973 by Shinsuke Yamanashi with driver Hiroshi Kazato and designer Kikuo Kaira and based at Fuji, Nova would mostly build F2 cars for use in the Japanese Championship. Their first car the F2 02 was finished in 1974 and for the next few years they built a number of successful cars even entering a couple of European F2 races in 1978. However by the end of the 70s the March was the car to have and Nova switched over to them and they continued in F2 and then F3000 in the 80s using various manufacturers.


Novas F3 car was the 513, based on their Formula Honda 1300 car it would take part in a handful of European races in 1978. It was a conventional monocoque car with wishbone suspension, it was powered by the ubiquitous Toyota engine and perhaps the most unusual aspect was that it was sponsored by Russian airline Aeroflot.


1978 Satoru Nakajima.

The Nova in the Silverstone pits.