The "School" version of the Narval JC3.


Bernard Lagier, a former F3 driver, introduced this car in 1972, and two versions were made, a F3 chassis and one for use at the Hubert Hahne racing school. The racing school version can be seen above, compared with the F3 version it had a narrow nose with wings, a BMW 2002 engine and Dunlop “long-life” tyres.


The Narval was loosely based on a Brabham BT35 (Lagier was a Brabham agent), it had a space frame chassis with conventional outboard suspension, it was rumoured to actually use many parts from a BT35. A single works JC3 was run and Christian Ethuin managed a 3rd at Chimay ahead of Tony Brise and James Hunt, he also ran very well at the Monaco F3 race qualifying for the final. A second car for François Migault was announced but apparently did not run.


1972 Christian Ethuin.

The Narval JC3 on display at a racing car show.
The JC3 at the track, now sporting a narrow nose.