The MRS on its announcement.


The MRS was designed for use at the Motor Racing Stables driving school and was never intended to be used in races. It was designed by John Tomlinson and featured several ideas that made the car easy to repair in the event of the almost inevitable accident damage. The chassis was a stressed-skin aluminium construction and the extra wide cockpit could be unbolted in two places allowing it to be split into sections. Front suspension comprised unequal-length wishbones and an anti-roll bar with double unequal-length arms at the rear. Outboard discs were fitted all round and cast magnesium 13″ Brabham wheels were used. An almost standard 948cc BMC engine using a 1.5″ S.U. carburetter revving to 5000 rpm provided the power and was mated to a 4-speed Hillman Imp gearbox.