The 283 seems to have been influenced by the contemporary March designs.


Arturo (Art) Merzario was a popular competitor in F1 and sports cars for many years, his most notable successes being at the wheel of various Ferraris, the sight of Art peering over the cockpit became a familiar sight during the 1970s. As he came towards the twilight of his career he began to build his own F1 cars, sadly these efforts were underfunded and usually as big as their driver was small and frequently failed to qualify. Into 1980 he also produced a number of F2 cars that were similarly uncompetitive and in 1982 the trend continued with his Merzario 283 (there seems to have been two), no other details are available and it achieved little. In 1984 Merzario ceased his career as a constructor.


Roberto Campominosi, Marzio Romano