The Lova was a Belgian machine constructed by Jef Dujourie at Louvain (hence the derivation of its name, the Latin name for Louvain was Lovanium). The first Lova was a 500cc car raced by Dujourie himself in Belgian hillclimbs and in 1960 he built a front-engined DKW powered F Junior which, despite André Pilette having an outing at Monthléry, proved uncompetitive.
A new chassis was constructed, this time moving the DKW engine to the rear and was driven by the wonderfully named Willy Vroomen, a Dutchman from Antwerp and Jean-Claude Franck, a 21 year old from Louvain. Results were still disappointing and even the adoption of a Holbay-tweaked Ford engine did not noticeably improve matters.
Vroomen took part in several early F3 races, where the Lova reverted to a DKW engine in what would seem to be the F Junior car converted to F3. It only ever appeared to run towards the back of a handful of races and then vanished as the racing became more serious.

Thanks to Stefan Örnerdal for additional information.

1964 Willy Vroomen.

1965 Roger Béguint, Willy Vroomen.

1966 Willy Vroomen.