Lenham- Hurst

Lenham Hurst Racing was formed in 1968 to combine the racing efforts of Roger Hurst with the Lenham Motor Co. A number of quite successful sports cars were the outcome including the Lenham P70 which won the French Sports Car Championship and led to the company competing a number of times at Le Mans. The first F3 car, the 1972 Lenham Hurst LM1, was a conventional space framed car with a Piper engine, seemingly it was an adaptation of the Hamlen Formula Ford car. It raced that year in the GP des Frontières at Chimay in Belgium without success and seems to have then faded from the scene. Hurst and Lenham parted company in 1972 although Hurst still produced sports cars with the Lenham name. Two later F3 projects, the Lenham P73 and P87 were modified March F3 cars and a couple of other announced F3 projects, the P74 and the P86 appear to have been stillborn. It is not certain that any of them actually raced.


In 1979, Roger Hurst showed his Lenham P87 F3 car, it was based on a March chassis (which one isn’t clear). I can find no trace of it racing.

1972 Richard Croucher.

The Lenham P87