Tony Kitchener had gained his experience working for the Chequered Flag team on their F2 and F3 cars before he started his own company in West London. He built his first F3 car in 1969 and then moved into F5000 where he had some success in 1970 with the under-financed K3, a modified F3 chassis, driven by Gordon Spice. Kitchener continued in F5000 for a few years running a modified McLaren 10B (the Kitchmac) and finally an ex-F1 McLaren M19. In 1974 he retired from motor sport.


The first F3 Kitchener was the K2, it was a monocoque with a very short wheelbase and cantilever front suspension. The design was shared between Tony Kitchener, Max Boxstrom and Burt Ray although Boxstrom left before the car was finished. It was raced in France without much success and became the basis for the Kithchener K3 F5000 car. It was said that François Cevert tested it in F3 guise and was complimentary about it.


The K2A was produced for 1970, effectively the F5000 car converted back to F3 spec it retained the tubular engine bay from that design. Additionally the front suspension was switched to a double wishbone setup with outboard springs and dampers. Two cars were raced in France but it seems the drivers weren’t up to much and no decent results were recorded.


1969 Albert Badin, John Gillmeister.

The F3 Kitchener K2A stripped for action.