The Jomo as it is now, in hillclimb spec. (Photo courtesy of Colin Cummings)


The Jomo was built by Keith Vickery, of Birmingham, in 1966. Keith had been a succesful 750F racer, building and racing his own cars for that formula. After a couple of outings for the works Alexis F3 team in 1965, Keith decided that as he had enjoyed those outings so much that he would build his own single-seater. Vickery built the car to F3 specs, with F3/Formula Libre and Monoposto in mind (it looked similar to a Brabham BT15/18) with a 1000cc engine, and although it is unclear whether subsequent owners raced it in F3, it was certainly raced in the F3 class of F Libre at least once (in May 1967). Keith then sold the car to a 750F friend, to concentrate on building cars for the then new Formula Ford category. From mid-1968 the history is patchy until it appeared competing in southern hillclimbs in the early `70`s in the hands of David Bassett. Interestingly Keith was good friends with Jim Yardley of Beagle fame (q.v.), and they built their respective cars at similar times, sharing engine parts etc, and both racing in Monoposto and Yardley competed in F3 with his Beagle.
The Jomo hillclimbing at Gurston Down in 1973, David Bassett is the driver. (Photo courtesy of Colin Cummings)