A not very good quality picture of the incomplete Huron in the workshop in March 1971.


A very short lived constructor, Huron Auto Race Developments was formed towards the end of 1970 and by summer 1971 it had almost fallen apart. The three principals of the company were Jack Smith, a Canadian, Jo Marquart and Roy Ireland and as was standard practice at the time a F2/F3/F Atlantic was announced in March 1971 with F Ford and Sports Cars to follow. Before anything of significance had happened the company began to disintegrate as a consequence of personnel reshuffles. There was some talk of Hawke taking over the company or its assets but nothing happened and Jo Marquart left to join the just formed GRD. The company did continue into 1972 with a sports car and the F3 car did do one race at the end of the year but that was it for Huron.


The F2/F3/ F Atlantic was shown to the press in March 1971 and it was clearly unfinished. The chassis was a monocoque with a semi-stressed engine, front mounted radiator with the air exiting from the top of the nose. Front suspension was by inboard lower wishbones and a top rocker, the rear was parallel lower links and outboard springs and dampers with inboard brakes.


The SS1E fitted with a Spence tuned Renault engine appeared in the hands of F Ford perennial Syd Fox at the final F3 race of the year at Thruxton in November, the car qualified 27th out of 32 but did not start after the engine stopped on the warm-up lap..

1972   Syd Fox.

Jo Marquart stands next to the unfinished Huron.