The Gemini Mk 4 showing its side radiators.


When The Chequered Flag team decided to switch from sports cars to single-seaters patron Graham Warner announced the Gemini (White’s birth sign) Mk 1, this was a conventional F Junior spaceframe with BMC mechanical parts and it was based on the Les Redmond designed Moorland F Junior. The Mk 2 used a Cosworth engine but was not especially successful although popular but things changed with the rear-engined Mk 3 of 1960 which was able to challenge the contemporary Cooper and Lotus designs. Suspension was conventional with wishbones and coil springs/dampers front and rear, radius rods were fitted at the back, a Cosworth Ford engine and five-speed gearbox were standard issue. The Mk 4, although unsuccessful, was advanced for its time (1962) with side radiators and inboard suspension and brakes, a six-speed Jack Knight gearbox was used but proved something of a problem.

A few converted F Junior cars raced very rarely in the first few years of F3 using both BMC and Ford engines, they were not competitive.


Derek Bennett, Adam Wyllie.

Michel Nicol.

Alan Lovell-Spencer, Peter Orr.

Michael Llewellyn.