The Gemini Mk 4 showing its side radiators and being driven by John Pollock from Carrickfergus. It was later converted to have an inclined front radiator.


When The Chequered Flag team decided to switch from sports cars to single-seaters patron Graham Warner announced the Gemini (White’s birth sign) Mk 1, this was a conventional F Junior spaceframe with BMC mechanical parts and it was based on the Les Redmond designed Moorland F Junior. The Mk 2 used a Cosworth engine but was not especially successful although popular but things changed with the rear-engined Mk 3 of 1960 which was able to challenge the contemporary Cooper and Lotus designs. Suspension was conventional with wishbones and coil springs/dampers front and rear, radius rods were fitted at the back, a Cosworth Ford engine and five-speed gearbox were standard issue. The Mk 4, although unsuccessful, was advanced for its time (1962) with side radiators and inboard suspension and brakes, a six-speed Jack Knight gearbox was used but proved something of a problem.

A few converted F Junior cars raced very rarely in the first few years of F3 using both BMC and Ford engines, they were not competitive.


Derek Bennett, Adam Wyllie.

Michel Nicol.

Alan Lovell-Spencer, Peter Orr.

Michael Llewellyn.