A Foglietti F Junior driven by Dino Montevago at Monaco in 1959.


Yet another Italian F3 constructor whose roots were in Formula Junior. They built a FJ car in 1958 and continued to use it in 1959 although in comparison with cars like the Cooper it was already outdated on its announcement. A F3 car was produced in 1964 and the Foglietti name continued to appear on Italian F3 grids up until 1971 but many these may well have been updates of an earlier chassis rather than a new car.


In 1964 a neat if conventional F3 Ford powered chassis was built (although it did appear to have a push-rod on the front suspension) that was driven by Antonio Ascari Jr. (son of Alberto). A number of top six places were obtained during the year.


The Foglietti continued into 1965 althought whether with a new design wasn’t clear. Ernesto Brambilla showed flashes of competitiveness especially at Monza but the car often failed to finish.


A new car was produced in 1969, it used a spaceframe chassis with a conventional suspension design except for very wide-based lower wishbones at the front. Seemingly the design took a leaf from the Tecno book with a stubby appearance and a forward seating position for the driver. It was powered by a downdraught engine that was tuned by Foglietti themselves. Early season testing was carried out at Monza with Enzo Corti and Scarambone driving.


Giovanni Alberti, Antonio Ascari Jr., Giorgio Corradi, “Marino”, “Saro”.

1965 Ernesto Brambilla, Giorgio Corradi, Renato Savini, Igino Scarpenti.

1966 Giorgio Corradi, “Kurt”, Rosario Nicoletti, Igino Scarpenti.

1967 “Dubis”.

"Tonino" Ascari in the 1964 F3 Foglietti.