The Focus MkIV raced in the F3/F Junior class of the Karlskoga F2 race in August 1964. It was based on the Lotus 22 and was powered by a Ford 105E engine and wasn’t noticably quick, whether it was in F3 or F Junior spec and if it raced at any other events isn’t known. The car was built by Sportscars AB (AB is the Swedish equivalent of Limited) of Stockholm who were more noted for their tuning work, the same chassis was used in the Lutos F3 (q.v.). They were more successful with their sports cars, in 1966 they built the Focus-Maserati, based on a Lotus 23, it was built by for Picko Troberg. Ronnie Peterson also raced a Ford FVA powered version with which he scared a number of bigger cars such as Jo Bonnier’s mighty Lola T70-Chevrolet. Thanks to Stefan Örnerdal for additional information.


1964 Per-Olof Zetterström.