Oscar Larrauri in the Euroracing 101.


Paoli Pavanello had been the Italian March agent for several years and in 1981 he had run a pair of cars in the European Championship for winner Mauro Baldi and Kurt Thiim under his Euroracing banner. Unfortunately for Pavanello March withdrew from F3 at the end of the year leaving the team in need of something to defend their championship, nothing daunted Pavanello decided to become a constructor by modifying his Marches for 1982. Euroracing only used their own cars for the one season as for 1983 they took over the running of the F1 Alfa Romeo team for Autodelta.


The two Euroracing March 813s were taken back to base and with the help of Alfa F1 man Ing. Marelli the cars were modified for 1982. The outer skin of the monocoque was narrowed, the front track was widened and the front and rear suspension were modified. To complete the changes an entirely different aerodynamic package was fitted. The modifications worked as the car was 9 mph faster in a straight line than the old car although, like the 813, it didn’t like tight and twisty tracks. Larrauri and Pirro dominated the season winning ten races between then, Larrauri taking the Championship and Pirro finishing as runner up.


For 1983 Carlo Brambilla bought a 101 for the Italian Championship but he didn’t seem to have his father’s ability and there were no significant results achieved


Oscar Larrauri, Emanuelle Pirro.

1983 Carlo Brambilla.

Oscar Larrauri had a successful year in 1982 with the Euroracing 101.
Carlo Brambilla and his father Vittorio with their Euroracing in 1983.