1991, Peter Kox leads the field at Zolder in his Eufra 390.


It would seem that Eufra first built F3 cars in the late 1970’s and then stopped until the 1990s when production began again. Eufra as a racing team have entered cars in various classes in German National racing for several years including in 1988 entering a Formula Konig car for a young Michael Schumacher. Their 1990s cars were quite successful including winning a couple of races for Peter Kox in 1991 who finished seventh in the German Championship, the advent and subsequent domination of the Dallara seems to have put an end to their ambitions.


The only appearance for the H18 in 1978 was at the Nurburgring where Niedzwiedz was unable to qualify the BMW powered device being some 50 seconds off the pace.


The now Toyota-powered H18 had a few reasonable runs in Baumann’s hands including a sixth at Hockenheim.
The less than svelte lines of the 1979 H18.


The H18 only appeared for one race in 1980, an early season non-championship round at Hockenheim where Baumann took ninth.


A new car, the 390, suddenly appeared after a ten year absence, the design was basically the 1989 Tark-Aleko (q.v.) and judging by the number of drivers quite a few of the carbon-composite chassis were built. Kelleners in the VW powered works car was a front runner all season frequently qualifying in the top six and finishing third twice, at Wunstorf and Zeltweg.


Initially Eufra ran an updated 390 penned by Bernd Rörg and once again it was competitive with Peter Kox scoring several good results with the works Mugen engined car including wins at Avus and Most and a second at Wunstorf. By the mid-point of the season the new Bernd Rörg design, the 391, was introduced which employed F1 aerodynamics, sadly F1 aerodynamics were not the answer in F3 and together with a lack of testing resulted in no more points being scored during the year.


The 391 continued into 1992 run by privateers but was no longer competitive with only one top six finish at the Norisring in the Championship rounds.
Peter Kox during 1991 in the Eufra 390.


Eufra was now owned by an Austrian, Manfred Jurasz, the Bernd Rohrig designed 393 was the new car but in the early races with Peter Kox it was unreliable and then after Kox had gone it wasn’t very quick. Midway through the year it was withdrawn and other than some private entries that was the end of Eufra in F3.


1978 H18
Klaus Niedzwiedz.

1979 H18
Michael Baumann.

1980 H18
Michael Baumann.

1990 390
Mathias Arlt, Frank Beyerlein, Franz Engstler, Ralf Kelleners, Frank Krämer, Sadafumi Nakajima, Philipp Peter, Frank Schmickler, Mercedes Stermitz, Logan Wilms.

Peter Kox, Danny Pfeil, Arnaud Trevisiol, Meik Wagner.

Mathias Arlt, Peter Kox, Philipp Peter, Meik Wagner, Peter Wieser.

Peter Kox, Frank Krämer.

Guido Dacco, Renato Prioli, Peter Wieser

Peter Kox, Frank Krämer, Marko Mankonen.

Gerhard Claus, Georg Lammel.

1994 390
Gerhard Claus, Georg Lammel.

1995 390
Gerhard Claus, Michael Fiedler.

1998 390
Herbert Leibach.

1999 ?
Hanus Lim

The Mugen-engined 393.