The modified nose of the 23 doesn't really fit with the rest of the lines of the March 723.


Eifelland were a team backed by caravan and camping magnate Gunther Henerici under his company name and were most famous for buying an F1 March 721 and fitting it out with supposedly aerodynamic bodywork developed by Luigi Colani. The bodywork proved to be highly inefficient and was replaced piece by piece during the season. Part way through the year Henerici sold his company, the new owners weren’t interested in motor racing and the Eifelland team was seen no more


Several March 723s were purchased, fitted with modified nosecones and renamed the Eifelland 23, the cars were raced in Germany with a handful of reasonable results.


1972 Bernd Breil, Wolfgang Bülow, Willi Deutsch, Gerd Koppenhauser, Rudi Schmidt, Willi Sommer, Alfred Stückrad, Hannelore Werner.

1974 Erwin Derichs, Hans Hargarten.