Bob Miller in the LD8 F5000 car at Brands Hatch in 1970.


Dulon Cars were built in Didcot by Andrew DUncan and Bill LONgley and they made their reputation with a number of quite successful F Ford and FF2000 cars as well as some small capacity Sports Cars. At various times some F Atlantic cars emerged as well as a rather bulky one-off F5000. In December 1967 the new F Ford LD4 was announced, it was a conventional spaceframe chassis and it was stated that a F3 version, the LD5, would be built for Cooper F3 driver Jeremy Dobson although it seems as if the car was not completed. At various other times a F3 Dulon was mooted, including a car based on the 1975 FF2000 design but they all seem to have been stillborn.