Roger Andreason decided on the construction of a F3 car as an extension to his race preparation business, Andreason Racing and Tuning Ltd based in Eastleigh in Hampshire. The aim was to produce an easy to drive car that wouldn’t be expensive to run and repair.


The 377 was based on the original design for the Royale RP23 that was never built, Rory Byrne the current Ferrari F1 designer laid out the chassis and suspension design. When taken over by Druid Roger Andreason and Paul fox completed the detail work and the bodywork. Andreason himself and Davina Galica carried out the initial testing and development. Unfortunately it would not be run by a top team and the advent of ground effect soon meant it would soon retire from the world of F3. The car was rebuilt as a Formula Atlantic car where it run with some success as well as in Formula Libre and a further 2 chassis were built.

1977  Roger Andreason?


The sleek looking Druid 377 on its announcement.