A home-built Czechoslovakian car that was constructed by Ing. Gajdos who worked for the Tatra Koprivnice car and truck company. The initial power plant was unusual, it was the 2472 cc V8 engine from the Tatra 603 effectively cut in half and uniquely for an F3 engine it was air-cooled, the transmission came from a Fiat 600D. Three Delfins appeared at a race in 1964 at the Sachsenring that mixed a largely East German field with 8 or so contemporary western cars. Sadly, given their very unusual components, they weren’t noticeably competitive. The next appearance (assuming it was the same car) was at a race at Brno in 1966 when two cars were entered but did not finish, one was listed as a “66” the other as a “65” indicating there were two different designs. After this a single car arrived at Hockenheim in 1968, no engine was listed so it is not certain that Tatra still provided the motive force, no result was achieved. The final appearence for a Delfin was at a race at Neubiberg in October 1969 when it failed to finish, for this race at least the motive power was courtesy of Skoda.

Thanks to Standa Cozik for additional information.


1964 ?
Jiri Gajdos, Alois Gbelec, Jiri Pelucha.

Jiri Gajdos.

Vladimir Ondrejik.

1968 ?
Vladislav Ondrejik.

1969 ?
Karl-Adolf Kneip.