The CTG testing at Silverstone at the end of 1977.


CTG was an engineering company founded by Cyril Malem and based in Wimborne in Dorset. They began constructing racing cars in 1971 and from 1972-78 were subcontractors for Chevron as well as building many cars for other people including the monocoque for the 1974 F1 Fittipaldi FD04 and in later years 2 F1 BRM chassis as well as work for Ralt. In 1977 CTG began constructing their own cars for FF 2000 where they won several races with a variety of drivers. In 1976 in conjunction with freelance designer Len Terry and Viking team owner Tore John Helle (who laid out the design parameters) they built 5 Viking F3 cars (see Viking entry) for the Swedish team to compete in European and Swedish F3 races.


The story of the CTG F3 is a little convoluted. By the middle of 1976 the Viking team were in financial trouble and Len Terry and CTG unsuccessfully sought the backing to run 1 or 2 cars at the end of the season. The Viking design was rebuilt in 1977 as a Technic (see Technic entry) with only one qualifying attempt to its name. CTG announced a new F3 car for 1978, the CTG 378, and at the end of 1977 a car was tested that was called a CTG which appears to be the Technic renamed. The 378 did not materialise and CTG disappeared from F3 racing.