A Ford powered device, its only result of note was a fourth at a minor event at Roskilde in May 1965. It’s nationality is uncertain, There was a British built F Junior Condor, it was a rear engined Ford powered car built in 1961, it had a tubular chassis and a modified Renault gearbox. It raced without any great success and it is certainly possible that this car was still racing in Denmark in 1965. However in 1968 an unraced Condor F3 was offered for sale in Autosport, it was powered by an “A” series BMC (Mini) engine and the vendor suggested it could be converted to F Ford spec. The asking price was £395 with a trailer, a year-old Brabham with trailer would have cost in the region of £1600 which gives an idea of the worth of the Condor. Was it the same car or was there more than one F3 Condor?


1965 Börje Björkqvist, Curt-Rune Johansson.

1966 Curt-Rune Johansson.