Designed by Richard Utley and built by Bob Hicks, who also drove it, the Caravelle Mk1 was a conventional F Junior design using a multi-tube spaceframe chassis that first raced in August 1960. Suspension was via independent unequal length wishbones, diagonally mounted at the rear, drum brakes were used all-round as were 13 inch magnesium wheels. Wheelbase was 84 inches whilst the front track was 46 inches and 49 inches at the rear. Hicks took several top ten places with a best of sixth at Oulton Park in 1960. During 1961 Mk2 and Mk3 variants appeared, each a development of the previous model, Hicks, driving a Mk3, took third and second at the Whit-Monday Goodwood races in 1960 and 1961 showing the design was basically sound. In May 1964 Clive Young finished 11th a lap down in a not very strong F3 race at Goodwood in what was seemingly an updated version of one of the Junior cars.


1964 Clive Young.