Another of Italian F3 manufacturers that seemed to proliferate through the 1960s and early 1970s. BWA were a road-car wheel and trim manufacturer and during the second half of the ’60s produced a handful of conventional Ford powered F3 cars. Despite the occasional reasonable result the BWA was never to really prove consistently competitive and as financial problems hit BWA any development of the cars was left to the teams. 1971 would seem to have been the last year a BWA raced competitively when di Nuzzo managed 2nd place in a F3 race at Monza.


The first and only BWA monocoque, the T324, was introduced for 1967, it was very slim and constructed from Dural. It consisted of two parallel pontoons connected at intervals by fully stressed formers, the flanks were undercut along the sides of the cockpit. Cosworth engines driving through Colotti gearboxes were used. The wide track wishbone based suspension was outboard and ten cars were built. Pino Pica took a second at Monza but despite the sale of the cars BWA were in financial troubles and the company closed during the year.


1965 Pino Babbini, Enzo Corti, “Geki”( Giacomo Russo), Massimo Natili, Nestor Salerno.

1966 Pino Babbini, Enzo Corti, Carlo Facetti, Giovanni Lo Voi, Marco Macciantelli, Giancarlo Moiso, Massimo Natili, Mario Pandolfo, Boley Pittard, Gaetano Starrabba.

Enzo Corti.

1966 chassis (type number unknown)
Jorge Kissling.

Alessandro Braga, Enzo Corti, Chris Craft, Giancarlo Moiso, Rosario Nicoletti, Gianfranco Padoan, Mario Pandolfo, Giuseppe Piazzi, Pino Pica, Franco Tofani.

1968 Alessandro Braga, Enzo Corti, Franco Galli, Franco Tofani.

1969 Alessandro Braga, Enzo Corti, Piazza.

1970 Mario Bianchi.

1971 Michele di Nuzzo