The F Ford version of the BPG.


The BPG was announced in early 1968, primarily it was designed for F Ford use but it was also advertised as suitable for both F3 and F Libre racing, it was built by BPG Engineering in Leicester. The chassis was a tubular spaceframe with a sheet steel undertray, front suspension was via unequal length wishbones with a reversed lower wishbone, top link and twin radius rods found at the rear. Armstrong adjustable dampers were used and there was anti-dive built into the front suspension. In F Ford spec (designated as RA-2) the wheelbase was 91.0 ins with a front track of 52 ins and a rear track of 54.0 ins. There is no record of any F3 cars being built although at least one car was fitted with a twin-cam engine, bigger wheels and tyres and raced in F Libre with the RA-3 designation.