The Ausper T3 in 1990 taking part in an Historic F Junior race at Silverstone driven by Rod Tolhurst.


Ausper was formed by Australian Tom Hawkes who built the Tomahawk F Junior at the end of 1960. In the winter of that year Hawkes formed Competition Cars of Australia constructing the Ausper T2. For 1961 the T3 was built, it consisted of a multi-tubular spaceframe with unequal length wishbones at the front and lower wishbones and twin radius rods at the rear, the driveshaft acted as a top link. Brakes were Alfin drums: 10 in front, 9 in rear whilst the gearbox was an Ausper modified Renault. In 1964 Anthony “Bubbles” Horsley (of Hesketh F1 fame) entered and raced a T3 in a number of German and Italian F3 rounds without any great success. It seems that the German encouraged F Junior cars to make up the grids and it is quite likely that the T3 stayed in F Junior trim and wasn’t modified to F3 spec. In 1966 Patrick Allfrey took part in some early season races but finished well off the leaders, by now the car would have been to F3 specifications


1964 Tony Horsley.

1966 Patrick Allfrey.