Originally built in 1966 and debuted by its driver Norman Abbott at a November Brands Hatch meeting where it ran in the midfield. Described in contemporary reports as “projectile like” it was 5 inches (12.5 cms) slimmer than the contemporary Lotus 41. Suspension was outboard with wishbones at the front and a top link and radius rods at the rear. It looks as if there was an “external” extension on the top of the spaceframe tub for the top radius rod to attach to, this is reminiscent of the later Chevron B34.

It would seem there was only ever a singleton chassis built, apparently it cost £1400 (a new “name” chassis would have cost in excess of £2000). It is not clear how often it raced but its moment of glory came in early 1970 at a slippery Forward Trust round at Silverstone when Abbott finished an impressive second behind the works Lotus of Dave Walker.

Norman Abbott tests the Abbott at Brands Hatch.


1966 Norman Abbott

1967 Norman Abbott

1970 Norman Abbott