The Zimmspeed SM.


The Zimmspeed SM was designed by former F2 entrant Erich Schwaller who also ran Bernard Santal in the 1983 European F3 Championship. Consisting of a carbonfibre/honeycomb composite chassis fitted with a Spiess VW engine the car was entirely Swiss made. Driven by Christian Mettler it apparently ran in the Swiss national series, which of course due to the ban on racing in Switzerland took place on other circuits in Europe. Results aren’t known but it did record a ninth at Monza in the opening round in April. A car entered by Zimmspeed Racing raced in Germany in 1989, it was entered as a Zimmspeed Dallara 389 so presumably it was a Dallara with some Zimmspeed inspired modifications. Since its best finish all season was a twelfth at Hockenheim any modifications may actually have been detrimental.


1988 Christian Mettler.

1989 Hanspeter Kaufmann (see text).